Classics Series

Ockham Classics is a series intended to showcase some of the great minds and ideas throughout the history of scientific and philosophical thought.


Beautifully redesigned with a modern twist on each cover, our intention is not only to bring them to life for a new generation of readers, but to reawaken the deeply held respect that so many of us already feel for the writers and ideas.


In founding this series, we have chosen texts that stand as a beacon of rational achievement whilst being written clearly and accessibly for anyone, of any background, to read and benefit from. These are the tenets of good popular science and philosophy; for our authors, these books act as an inspiration and guide.


The series ranges from Darwin's unmistakeable masterpiece, 'On the Origin of Species', which redefined large parts of both science and philosophy, to Voltaire's anti-establishment mockery of 18th Century France 'Candide', which still stands as one of the original masters of pop-philosophy (and satire!).


These are the kinds of ideas that Ockham Publishing is built to find and produce; this series highlights some of the finest examples from years gone by.


Ockham Classics

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